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CBRE 2018 U.S. Benefits Annual Enrollment


With enrollment for our 2018 benefits plan quickly approaching, CBRE remains committed to providing our employees with meaningful, affordable health care coverage as a part of our total rewards package. Like all companies, CBRE must continue to contend with the challenges of a rapidly changing health care system. This year, we had the distinct advantage of drawing on employee feedback regarding our benefits offering directly from our global engagement survey.
Our strategy for 2018 began with a few key goals based on employee feedback:


  • Lower the deductible in the Cigna OAP with Health Savings Account (HSA). Over 12,000 employees are currently enrolled in the OAP with HSA – making it the plan of choice for our employees. We are pleased to announce that the deductible will be lowered to $2,000 individual/$4,000 family (from $2,250 individual/$4,500 family). This allows those of you who meet the annual deductible to move into coinsurance sooner (where claims are covered by the plan at a much higher percentage).


  • Keep medical paycheck contributions as close to flat as possible. CBRE chose to reinvest the savings from the 2017 dependent verification audit to help control increasing costs for our employees. As such, your paycheck contributions are increasing by less than 5% on average across all salary bands and coverage tiers.


  • Provide support for navigating the benefits platform when you need it the most. We recognize that health benefits may not be top of mind for busy professionals – until facing a difficult diagnosis, welcoming a new family member, or simply trying to determine where to go next for answers. To help with life events, we are rolling out access to Compass Health Pros for all medical plan participants. Health Pros operate as your health care concierge – CBRE has a dedicated team available to help you find a doctor, schedule appointments, compare prescription drug costs and review medical bills.


As a part of our continued plan to empower you as a health care consumer, CBRE will sunset the Enhanced Choice HRA plan after 2018. Employees who were enrolled in this plan for 2017 will be able to stay in the plan for 2018 and utilize any remaining HRA balance; however, the plan will not be offered after 2018. We expect that our enrollment in the Cigna OAP with HSA plan will continue to grow, and the CBRE contribution to the HSA will remain at $500 individual/$1,000 family. Beginning in 2018, the CBRE contribution will be made on a per-pay-period basis rather than as a lump sum in January. This change allows CBRE to maintain our total company contribution while protecting our investment exposure in those employees who may leave during the year.


The CBRE Benefits Annual Enrollment window will be open October 25 – November 8, 2017. We will once again offer assistance from ALEX, the interactive benefits tool designed to break down CBRE’s benefits in a simplified, easy-to-understand format based on each employee’s personal health, financial situation and family needs. More details will be shared later this week and we strongly encourage you to take the time to consider your options and make the best decision for you and your family.



Kelly Pool
Vice President, Compensation & Benefits

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