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We are looking for members to join our Local's various committees. As you may have recently seen, we posted fliers looking for volunteers on union bulletin boards at the workplace. If you already signed up, we have your name for consideration. These are great ways to get involved with opportunities for participation on and off the clock.

We have:

Education Committee

assists in developing the local's education program.

Election Committee

conducts the Local's election process.

Organizing Committee

assists in organizing all members within the Local's jurisdiction.

Finance Committee

draws proposed budget and audits financial records.

Legislative Committee

registers voters and develops and pursues Legislative programs.

Membership Committee

processes membership applications.

Community Services Committee

assists in developing all community services programs.

By-Laws Committee

recommend and consider all changes to the by-laws.

Equity Committee

assist the Local on the ways and means of eliminating discrimination by sex, race or any other.

Women's Committee

assists members and their families of the Local in times of need and assist with other issues pertaining to women and family.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, these are very basic descriptions of the great work the committees actually do. If you are interested in being considered, please email office@cwa4108.org